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Learning for the
Love of Language

Specialising in Teaching Adult Language Classes


Meet the globe-trotting Helen! After dancing with Spanish verbs and jiving with English idioms all over the world, she packed her bags and landed back on the Island in the sun-soaked summer of 2020. Why, you ask? To sprinkle some linguistic magic with her own cosy, warm, fun and friendly language school: Wight Languages!

Helen's big dream? A world where every Islander, whether old, younger or young at heart, can chat, laugh, and learn in face-to-face language classes. She's got her sights set on popping up in every Island town!

Not to brag, but Helen’s got some heavyweight qualifications behind those sparkling teaching skills. With a swanky PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages, a shimmering Trinity CertTESOL, and over a decade of teaching all ages from cosy classrooms to the virtual space, she's your go-to guru for buffing up those language skills.

Already making waves in Ryde, Cowes, and Newport, Helen's on a mission: To make Wight Languages the Island's most talked-about spot for for adult language lessons!

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Discover the joy of face-to-face language learning in a group setting.

Dive into the rich tapestry of a new culture, language, and friendships.


Discover the joy of face-to-face language learning in a group setting.


Dive into the rich tapestry of a new culture, language, and friendships. 

  • Fun & Friendly Sessions: Our classes are informal and non-judgemental, making learning enjoyable.

  • Speak from Day 1: We focus on useful "chunks" of language in context. Dive right into conversations without the wait!

  • Gentle Introduction to Grammar: No more overwhelming grammar rules. We introduce them slowly, making them easier to grasp.

  • Learn at Your Comfort: Don't want to speak in front of the class? No worries. We respect your pace.


  • Boost Your Confidence: Tackle various topics to gain self-assurance in speaking.



Travel Enthusiast?: Planning frequent trips to Spain, France, or any exciting destination? Begin vibrant conversations with locals and enrich your travel experience.

Connecting Families: Do family members live abroad? Bridge the language gap and converse seamlessly with their new families and friends.

Future Plans: Dreaming of working or retiring overseas? Equip yourself with language skills to make your transition smoother and more enjoyable.

Cultural Buff: Explore the intricacies of different cultures by understanding their language. Dive deep into movies, literature, and traditions without subtitles or translations.

Social Butterfly: Want to expand your social circle? Join language learning groups, make new friends, and engage in multilingual discussions.

Career Boost: Looking to add an impressive skill to your resume? Even if it's not your main focus, being multilingual can be a fascinating talking point in interviews and casual discussions.

Mental Fitness: Seeking a stimulating activity for the mind? Language learning is a fun and rewarding way to keep the brain active and agile.

Community Seeker: Eager to be part of a close-knit community? Our learners often become lifelong friends, sharing more than just language skills.

Endless Curiosity: Simply in love with learning? Delve into a new language and satiate that undying curiosity.

Joy of Sharing: Looking forward to teaching your grandchildren or younger ones some fun phrases? Be the cool elder who knows multiple languages!



Brain Boost: Studies suggest that bilingualism delays dementia onset. Keep your mind sharp and active!

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More Than Just Classes: Join a growing community on the Island. Engage in social events, film nights, walk and talk sessions, and immerse in our organized trips for a deep dive into language and culture.

Sarah Cobb

Helen is wonderful.
The classes are fun.
I have made some new friends and am keen to continue my spanish learning journey with Helen

Steve Eason

I found the course fun and enjoyable.
Everything was made easy for us. Helen is a good teacher.

Sue Treherne

I love the classes. They are great fun. I need to interact with others when learning a language so wanted to find a group lesson. The quizzes and games make the lessons fun. 

Alistair Tillman

Really enjoying the course, things are starting to stick.

Sally Spencer

Great class. So inspiring. Love the interaction, an enthusiastic teacher and fellow students. Good structure and progression.

Maggie Hampson

Helen provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment. She is flexible to our needs and very responsive and encouraging. 
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